Product Launch

Product Launch with Happy Events in a Dashing Style.


Product launch events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to a startups. Watching a commercial on television announcing the launch of a new product like the introduction of a new mobile phone or a new mineral water introduced by a branded company creates a need in the minds of the viewers to try the product. How is this want or need created? The answer is simple, by an effective launch of the product or brand. Product launches are designed to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular product/brand. Success can determine the fate of the product, as a launch will be directly responsible for the level of immediate and post-launch sales that is generated. A product launch is meant to generate a lot of buzz about the product/brand. The ultimate aim is to build sales momentum.


Large companies will have huge budgets and resources at their disposal to conduct a massive product launch. Startup companies will have to work the launch within the limits of their available funds and resources. Proper Strategic planning and execution can produce a successful launch without blowing the budget.